Second Campaign for “Enta El 7al” Campaign
Sunday, July 3, 2016

DDB Egypt launched the second campaign for “Enta El 7al” Campaign. The campaign theme is “الضلمة وحشة”. The campaign objective is to show the negative effects of the bad usage of electricity; the shortage and darkness. DDB Egypt used the suspense to deliver its message.

With demand for energy exceeding supply in Egypt, DDB launches “Enta El 7al”, an Egyptian initiative to promote energy saving habits designed to encourage simple energy-saving habits by individuals and businesses. The initiative is being launch dated first or Ramadan 2016 through a full-fledged communications campaign involving advertising, media and public relations plans to promote energy-saving tips.

As the Electric Utility in Egypt is divided into State-owned companies & private sector companies, where the State-owned companies are under the authority of the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company, while private sector companies are BOOT projects & independent companies.
The campaign consists of TV, radio, digital and outdoor. The TVCs consists of The house and the parking. The TVC features how people misuse electricity until its gone and the countdown begins for its return. The only way to maintain electricity, is good use. TVC Cut downs are tips for efficient practices; make sure that you switch off all microwave, lights, air conditioners, coffee vending machines when not used. They continue to draw power even if they are plugged in.

Encourage your friends and family to follow this same model and see how the energy usage decreases with more initiative.

Imagine Your Life without Light!