Think Fresh!
Sunday, July 3, 2016

TNA launches Fresh campaign. The campaign objective is to feature the benefits of Fresh products other than any home appliance. TNA creative used the humorous appeal to deliver its message.
Fresh for Home Appliances was founded in Egypt in the year 1987 with a dream of introducing cutting-edge technology and affordable quality products to enhance customers’ lives. Driven by 25 years of expertise in the market and a passion to always innovate, Fresh currently exports to over 45 countries (50% production capacity goes to export) in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia while maintaining its position as a leader in the local market.

The campaign consists of 5 TVCs refrigerator, water heater, cooker, washing machine and AC. The TVCs feature the other usages for the unused or not working instruments. Some used them as storage, as a wardrobe, table, garbage, etc… Fresh changes the whole story with a different usage for the home appliances.