TNA Wins Big at The African Cristal Festival
Sunday, October 2, 2016

The African Cristal Festival held in Marrakech, Morocco where the greatest African & International industry experts gathered from September 22nd to September 23rd, 2016. TNA receives 6 awards in the Film category. TNA receives a GRAND PRIX for Fresh campaign, GOLD for Fresh campaign, GOLD for National Bank of Egypt – SME campaign, SILVER for Etisalat – Freehat campaign , BRONZE for Vodafone – Ahmed El Saqqa (mobile internet) and BRONZE for Etisalat – 7ekaya (60 – 69).

Fresh campaign objective is to feature the benefits of Fresh products other than any home appliance. TNA creative used the humorous appeal to deliver its message. The campaign theme; “If your fridge is not a fridge… Get Fresh‘’. The campaign consists of 5 TVCs refrigerator, water heater, cooker, washing machine and AC. The TVCs feature the other usages for the unused or not working instruments. Some used them as storage, as a wardrobe, table, garbage, etc… Fresh changes the whole story with a different usage for the home appliances. TNA receives a GRAND PRIX and Gold for Fresh campaign.

El Bank El Ahly SME’s campaign objective is to promote Small and medium-sized enterprises through El Bank El Ahly. TNA used a humorous appeal to deliver its message. The campaign theme is “ الحاجات الصغيرة  بتعمل فلوس كتير..“     The campaign consists of 4 TVCs; Barrels, buttons, zippers, nails. The TVCs feature that the story can be sad in the very beginning but El Bank El Ahly switches everything into money. So that SMEs no matter how small it seems to be but it makes money. TNA receives a GOLD for National Bank of Egypt – SME campaign.

Etisalat “Freehat” campaign objective is to announce “Freehat” Etisalat’s new plan to the market, for the first time in Egpyt, a rate plan that reward the customer on usage. TNA using humorous appeal to send its message. It features the drama that other networks make regarding the offers, now has an end with Freehat release for the first time in Egypt. With the Freehat Tariff choose your daily freebies as long as you use your line for 24 hours.. It’s a tariff not a promo. TNA receives a SILVER for Etisalat – Freehat campaign. 

Vodafone Egypt with TNA decided to press on the pain of missing the pleasure of watching an epic movie scene interrupted by slow internet connection. The campaign objective is to stress on Vodafone Internet speed benefits and to show how YouTube buffering is really annoying, especially when you’re watching a YouTube video when all of a sudden it pauses and starts buffering. This problem is common and it happens to all of us. TNA receives BRONZE for Vodafone – Ahmed El Saqqa (mobile internet).

Etisalat campaign objective is celebrating 30 Million users, a great milestone for the green giant. The campaign theme “takahyal bokra”. The first campaign of its kind in Ramadan, a colorful ad full of celebration and fun under the sunlight. TNA creative used color psychology to attract the audience, spread positive vibes, as well as the colors strengthen the theme of “imagine tomorrow”, a better tomorrow, full of happiness. The different colors represent variety of customers and their needs. The lyrics of the jingle and Asala voice add to the message delivery and create an emotional connection. TNA receives BRONZE for Etisalat – 7ekaya (60 – 69).

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