Al Kahera Wal Nas Launches Al Abakera, Egypt’s First Edutainment TV Show!
Sunday, September 25, 2016

In the very first episode of Al Abakera, over 504,000 Pounds was won for the development of our National school system. This amount was won by High School students who competed under pressure, and under the glare of the studio lights as the Nation watched. For every correct answer, The National Bank Of Egypt deposited a cash prize of 20,000 Pounds. This cash prize will be used to build schools, fund programs, and improve our National school system. We will show audiences in every successive season the effect of the donation. It is indeed a wonderful thing to see the power of positivity in action, and a breath of fresh air to see that talented students are getting recognition, exposure, and opportunity.

Watch sixteen of Egypt’s best schools go head to head on Egypt’s first edutainment program, Al Abakera. Al Abakera is a regional TV game show that blurs the line between education and entertainment — a competition that encourages team work, aptitude, school pride and that focuses on the good coming out of our educational system presented by the best- selling novel 1/4 Gram, author Essam Youssef . 

The show aims to mix fun with knowledge and talent. The first season will see 128 students compete and showcase their capabilities on regional television to win the title of champion. In addition to the competition the National Bank of Egypt is partnering with a cash prize for each and every question answered correctly. The money tallied up at the end of the season will go to national schools in need of development.

Depending on how many questions are answered correctly his price is work tens of millions of pounds, making this show by far the largest prize purse of any televised competition in the Middle East. Scholarships and university aid for the best students will also ensure that competence is met with opportunity. 

This is a truly one of a kind show and there could not be a more important subject than that of the state of education in Egypt.

Airing Time: Every Friday and Saturday at 7 pm
Repeat: Every Saturday and Sunday at 11:30 am

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