“Waffles” Potatoe Chips Now in Egypt!
Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Academy launches Tiger Waffles. Tiger is owned by Egypt Foods. The campaign objective is to announce Tiger Waffles  into the market, create awareness about it. Waffles is a new potato chips under Tiger (Special Edition) looks like a real waffle. Waffle’s flavors; Cheese, Tomatoes, Chili and Lemon.

The Academy wants to put Waffles as an innovative product or something that can be described as (افتكاسة). So they used the humor appeal to deliver their message to the customers as Waffles is the first potato chips of its kind in Egypt.
The campaign theme is بطاطساية جديدة إلحق اشبع منها

The campaign consists of TVC. The TVC features people standing in a shock of what’s happening, and some are looking out there in surprise until a guy appears, he is eating waffles chips.