El Hanem is Going Digital!
Sunday, July 24, 2016

From the beginning of the year, El Hanem has been running on the digital path. El Hanem has been known with “the lady with the red hat” since the 90s through a jingle that created a buzz and stuck in people’s head with “El Hanem Om Takeya Hamra”.
But in 2015, El Hanem turned yellow after DDB has re-vamped it with “El Hanem Om Takeya Safra”, a new modern jingle. The campaign theme is “قصة تانية خالص" ” -  Another New Story!

The campaign is a 360 campaign. TVCs consist of 3 copies. It features the campaign theme in with different old familiar stories like Romeo and Juliette, Shahrazad and Shahrayar, etc… Shooting took place all over Egypt.

El Hanem is creating a buzz on Facebook as a main recipe source for most of the Egyptian housewives. It posts an interesting tips for cooking and Egyptian food recipes.

El Hanem is Back with a Yellow Hat!