TN Receives Design Excellence Award from IAD


International Association for Designers (IAD) honors Tarek Nour with the Design Excellence Award for pioneering and advancing good design practices and principles in Advertisement Design in Egypt, notably that Ahmed Tarek, Nour Badie Managing Director, received the prize on behalf of Tarek Nour. The event was held on Saturday, June 14 at Mohamed Ali Manial Palace. Designers, architects and prominent figures from all over the world traveled to Egypt to attend the event. IAD chose Mohamed Ali Manial Palace to promote Tourism in Egypt.
The primary purpose of the IAD organization is to push philanthropic, social and ethical design practices and promote culture through design. It is worth to say that Dalia Sadany was elected for the position of IAD President 2013 –2015. Dalia Sadany is an Egyptian architect with more then twenty years of experience in interior design, landscaping and contracting.
“I aim to highlight the Egyptian creativity and art through a variety of events during the next two years, along with multiple projects in various fields and to promote tourism by applying design and art in the ancient Egyptian monuments and architecture.” said Sadany